Serve at Church

Tech Team

What to Expect

Tech Team | Lights. Camera. Sound. Be a part of the team that takes the worship experience to the next level. We lean hard on this team. They work hard to bring balance to our senses (sight and sound) as we seek the Lord in Worship and praise! 

Digital Team | ACTION! Every Sunday we stream our service live. This means we have a whole team designated to the digital side of things! While this has always been important, especially with our second campus in Junction City, we are currently dependent on this team as our Services are online only for the safety of our community. 


  • Camera Crew
  • Computer Crew 
  • Sound Tech 
  • Stage Hands
  • Set Up & Take Down Crew 
  • Switchers 
  • Social Media 
Not Sure Where to Serve?

There are lots of places to serve at Willamette. We are happy to help you find the right fit for you! Serving is one of the greatest joys of being a part of the Kingdom! 

Help Me Find a Team


We believe that all are gifted, and all are called... but not everyone knows what that means, or where they fit. It is our desire here at Willamette to help you discover your gifts, and where to serve, as you walk with Jesus. 

I want to find where I fit!