First Steps - Welcome

01.01.20 | by Van Clements

First Steps

Congratulations on praying and asking Jesus to come into your heart! 

It is incredible to think that the decisions of today impact eternity. The choice you made when you asked Jesus into your life not only guaranteed you His help to change, but also guaranteed you eternal life. As a Christian you are now part of the Church, God’s family. We are brothers and sisters because of our common relationship with Jesus. Welcome to your new family!


First Steps:

I want to encourage you to pursue a few things:

  1. Come to church each week.

  2. Pray as often as you can. (Prayer is simply talking to God.)

  3. Consider your next step to be baptized in Water. (It is a public proclamation of a new association.)

  4. Start to read the Bible.

Here on this page, you will find your first five bible studies. They will help you in your journey. You will be looking a scriptures that give you assurances of your faith.

1. Assurance of Salvation

2. Assurance of Answered Prayer

3. Assurance of Victory Over Sin

4. Assurance of Forgiveness

5. Assurance of Guidance

I encourage you to take on one study per week. That way you can chew on what you are learning. You can go slower if you want to and if you want to go faster, well then, go for it!

Congratulations, once again, on a life changing decision! We are excited to partner with you in your new life!

Pastor Van