Assurance of Forgiveness

    01.01.20 | by Van Clements

    FIRST STEPS: Assurance of Forgiveness


    One other significant question that comes up is "what is forgiveness and how do I know I have been forgiven?" On what can you base your assurance? How do you know for sure? That's what this focus is all about!

    This is your fourth of five bible studies to help you in your journey. We've got some more scriptures for you to read and think about. Don't forgot to take time to write down your observations. You will learn what the Bible says about your forgiveness. Then you'll be able to memorize a key verse so that when someone asks you "what it means to be forgiven,"  you will have a clear answer!

    Here's a PDF version of the study:

    Assurance of Forgiveness (click to download)

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